Activities are planned with consideration of the needs of the whole child. We focus on the physical, cognitive, spiritual, social, emotional and ethical development of the child.

Hollow Reed School has an indoor gym room where children can enjoy movement games and play actively on rainy days. We also have a wonderful half acre playground for outdoor active play. Teachers include physical activities and outdoor play in the daily schedule.

We encourage an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation in the classroom and try to support the children in learning how to work and play together. We teach early skills in math and language arts through providing age appropriate activities.

Academic skills are introduced but children are not pressured. They learn at their own rate. We try to make the learning environment as much like home as possible, creating a relaxed atmosphere in which the children learn through play. We foster respect for all through our art, music, drama and story telling programs.

Current Curriculum Highlights:

  • Movement Games
  • Active Play
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Storytelling / Drama
  • Art
  • Spanish